Diversity of thinking is key to good decision making

A recent post on the CiPD website, Diversity of thinking is key to successful decision-making, brought to mind Albert Einstein’s famous quote:

“We cannot solve our problems with the the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Do you have a challenge that just keeps coming back? Eg: Difficulty prioritising your time? Conflict with a colleague or department? Are you struggling to implement change? When was the last time you sought external input?

Speed Mentoring is a playful networking game for curious professionals. Take turns at being both mentor and mentee. Share your experience, access diverse perspectives and make new business friends. We designed this 90 minute game based on our beliefs that:

  • seeking diverse thinking is the only way to break through and access fresh insights
  • every person’s unique perspective and experience is valuable, whatever their background
  • being playful, and having fun with others, is critical to our wellbeing.

Come and play with us at one of our regular public events or why not arrange for us to run a game at your next team building or networking event!

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