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Do you want to inspire global change? Start local…

Do you feel overwhelmed by the scale of the challenges we’re facing in the world today? It’s hard to deny that, as individuals, we can do little to impact global warming, corruption in politics, growing income disparity and inequality in all of it’s forms. But this article I read recently has shone a little light of possibility – start local, with small groups, and work towards critical mass.

So let’s get started with three local opportunities and ideas: Read more

We are all leaders, but what’s this sacred business?

Have you seen our communications about Sacred Leadership and thought “that’s not for me”? Maybe you don’t identify as a leader or the word ‘sacred’ conjures up images of barefoot hippies dancing around a yurt. While we have nothing against those practices, and may even have indulged on occasion, you might be interested to know that the term ‘Sacred Leadership’ was coined by Harvard Professor, Robert Kegan. And that leadership has nothing to do with titles but is defined by our impact on those around us. We are all impacting each other, our families, communities, and workplaces every day. Read more

Sacred Leadership: Insights from my research – A guest post from Tjanara Goreng Goreng

In April I submitted my PhD ‘The road to Eldership: How Aboriginal culture creates sacred leaders’. In just two weeks time, on the morning of June 19th, I’ll be partnering with Talkpoint and Mark Spain of Global Leadership to bring my findings and insights to Australia’s business community. At the Art Gallery NSW we will weave storytelling, art, music and dance to create an immersive experience of Sacred Leadership. I would love for you and your colleagues to join us.


We’re in this together – where to from here?

Being both in the prime of my life and middle-aged, I’m able to see behind and at the same time have a lens on what lies ahead.

In front, there are several pathways and I get to choose my next step. Comforted knowing it’s no big deal what I individually choose, I also paradoxically know that my choice now makes all the difference to where we’re heading. Read more

What the world needs now…

If like me your Saturday night involved tuning into The Wedding, you would have noticed that this was a royal occasion like none before it. Newcomer Meghan was clearly calling the shots and used her platform to deliver a powerful message of inclusion. It was an act of leadership which literally demonstrated the power of love. Read more

Photo Credit: Elsie Wanatjura
Photo Credit: Elsie Wanatjura

Do you hear a yes?

In 2007 I received my first invitation to enter into a space of sacred business. It was a surreal time. I’d had two miscarriages and my feelings were close to the surface. I recall walking from the train to my car after work and bumping into a woman I had met years prior. She asked how I was and my pain tumbled out. She then asked ‘do you want to come with me on a trip to Central Australia to do women’s business with our Indigenous?’ In an intuitive response I simply whispered ‘yes’. Read more

Have you found your community?

Do you belong to a community?  I am one of a growing number of Australian’s who don’t identify with a religion. With evidence mounting that community is critical to our wellbeing, I’m increasingly curious about where else I might find fellowship. Inspired by this beautiful article from the On Being blog, I’m reminded that “community is heavenly, but it does not descend from heaven. We have to seek it, work for it, and build it here and now.”  Read more