We’re in this together – where to from here?

May 29, 2018
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May 29, 2018 Robyn Katz

We’re in this together – where to from here?

Being both in the prime of my life and middle-aged, I’m able to see behind and at the same time have a lens on what lies ahead.

In front, there are several pathways and I get to choose my next step. Comforted knowing it’s no big deal what I individually choose, I also paradoxically know that my choice now makes all the difference to where we’re heading.

We are all somewhere unique on our solo walks, but what if collectively we share a leadership path? Where do you see us being now? What is behind? And which paths are open ahead?

Over 25 years into my career and leadership journey I have a view of the path trodden. It’s been awesome, easy, treacherous, barren and dense at different times. By and large, the terrain was within a boom environment and the spirit of progress and success carried me along. Recently, I’ve started to see some of the unintended consequences of our acute-independence achieved through decades of growth upon growth. I’m aware the landscape is now one of global connectedness, climate change, complexity, volatility, ambiguity and divides.

On one side I see exciting new possibilities and opportunities, amazing technological advancement and high quality, long life expectancy.  And simultaneously on the other, there are mounting mental health costs, artificial intelligence rattling our work security and institutional, family and community structures failing. Are we between two stories? Or are they not opposing at all, just two of the many perspectives on a diverse landscape?

Both/and I remember. Both/and the ups and downs. Both/and the past and the future. Both/and the individual and collective. Both/and the ancient and modern. Both/and the head and the heart. I feel my longing to relax and return to the natural order of things when connection was real and respect was three-fold; to ourselves, each other and the earth.

The already trodden path has to be left behind, so let’s take a step together onto a new, Australian pathway to leadership.

Will you walk with me, arm in arm, on the path to Sacred Leadership?


Robyn Katz

Robyn is the Founder and Director of Talkpoint. She's also the best point of contact if you would like to join and/or contribute to our community.

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