We are all leaders, but what’s this sacred business?

June 7, 2018 Maria Raines

We are all leaders, but what’s this sacred business?

Have you seen our communications about Sacred Leadership and thought “that’s not for me”? Maybe you don’t identify as a leader or the word ‘sacred’ conjures up images of barefoot hippies dancing around a yurt. While we have nothing against those practices, and may even have indulged on occasion, you might be interested to know that the term ‘Sacred Leadership’ was coined by Harvard Professor, Robert Kegan. And that leadership has nothing to do with titles but is defined by our impact on those around us. We are all impacting each other, our families, communities, and workplaces every day.

Watch this short clip of Tjanara explaining what she means by sacred leadership.

So now we’ve cleared that up, and we promise to keep our shoes on, I hope you realise that this event is for you because you are someone who:

  • Cares about your impact on those around you
  • Recognises that the way we are working is not working
  • Would like to learn more about Aboriginal culture
  • Is interested to explore a way of operating that takes responsibility for, and respects, ourselves, each other and the planet.


Please reach out if there is anything we can do to support your participation on June 19th and, if you feel aligned, let your friends and colleagues know about it too.

Maria Raines

Maria Raines is the creative producer, communications and event manager, and a facilitator at Talkpoint.

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