Have you found your community?

February 27, 2018
February 27, 2018 Maria Raines

Have you found your community?

Do you belong to a community?  I am one of a growing number of Australian’s who don’t identify with a religion. With evidence mounting that community is critical to our wellbeing, I’m increasingly curious about where else I might find fellowship. Inspired by this beautiful article from the On Being blog, I’m reminded that “community is heavenly, but it does not descend from heaven. We have to seek it, work for it, and build it here and now.” 

Community has been the driving force behind Talkpoint’s work since inception over 15 years ago. We began as a community for HR Leaders back in the days when Human Resources was a relatively new function and the role was a lonely one. Now our focus is broader and includes anyone interested in creating workplaces which are good for people. Our aspiration is to #humanisework.

But in a global culture dominated by metrics and financial measures of success, ‘humanising work’ can be a lofty and lonely aspiration. So if it is one that you share, Robyn and I would love to invite you to experience our community.

Here are a couple of ways to get involved:

  • SPEED MENTORING: A playful and accessible introduction to Talkpoint – this 90-minute game provides a space for you to share your challenges and experiences while gaining fresh insights and new connections. Our next game kicks-off at 6pm, Tuesday 1 May. Click here for further information and tickets.
  • TALKPOINT ROUNDTABLE: A facilitated external peer coaching and development journey. With an intimate and diverse cohort, you will explore your strengths, challenges and aspirations during 5 immersive half day meetings spread across 6 months. Our next roundtable group will sit down to their first meeting together on Thursday 10 May. Click here for further information and to express your interest.

We look forward to welcoming you and hearing your perspective. What are your thoughts about building communities and fostering cultures of belonging and inclusion in Australia’s workplaces?

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Maria Raines

Maria Raines is the creative producer, communications and event manager, and a facilitator at Talkpoint.

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