Good leadership is the daily practice of putting others first… it’s being human

March 8, 2017 Maria Raines

Good leadership is the daily practice of putting others first… it’s being human

I’m feeling so inspired after having experienced Simon Sinek and Peter Docker first hand in Sydney yesterday. What I was most struck by was Simon’s conviction that a good leader needs to focus on the human elements of work.

As we learned from Peter most leaders are promoted for their technical ability or “hard” skills but without the “soft”, or as Simon renamed them “human” skills necessary to build trust, this leadership becomes toxic.

So how do we develop these “human” skills in ourselves and our emerging leaders?

Talkpoint curates, facilitates and produces connective, peer-to-peer learning experiences designed to humanise work. Our Foundation Program is for individuals seeking to develop their courageous leadership capabilities and to grow their external peer network (aka leadership buddies – see yesterday’s article featuring Simon Sinek in the Business Insider). Our In-House Program is for organisations wanting to build social capital, cross-functional relationships, trust and collaboration within their business.

Are you curious? Join us at 4:30pm on April 4th for a fast, fun and focused game of Speed Mentoring. Practice your human skills, share your insights and gain diverse input on your current challenges while making new business friends. Tickets start from just $40pp.

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Robyn and I hope to catch up with you in person on Tuesday 4 April and I am also available to answer your questions over the phone on 0426 967 100

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Maria Raines

Maria Raines is the creative producer, communications and event manager, and a facilitator at Talkpoint.

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