Let’s Talk… It’s the Human Way

January 23, 2017 Robyn Katz

Let’s Talk… It’s the Human Way

This year Talkpoint began an explicit mission to “humanise work” and the response has been resounding.

For a while, we have been noticing that the way we are working is not working, and we believe it’s time to reprioritise and contemplate some pointy questions.

  • Have we compromised our relationships in a quest to maximise efficiency?
  • Is a cost of being in a terminal rush that we no longer feel connected?
  • With increased automation and the rise of artificial intelligence, how do we hold on to our humanity at work?

An article in the Huffington Post last week challenged us to get back to basics and pick up the telephone. It reminded me that ‘phone calls humanise work communication in a way that email can’t. Spoken words spark collaboration and laughter. We build relationships not by exchanging information but by feeling like we’re together’.

If you too are struck by this, we’d love to talk soon and to invite you to participate in our next thoughtful gathering. For now simply flag your interest here or contact us to set up a time to talk.

Humanise Work

Robyn Katz

Robyn is the Founder and Director of Talkpoint. She's also the best point of contact if you would like to join and/or contribute to our community.

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